About BlackLabel e-Sports

Black Label eSports (BLE) is a platform where you can find quality Dutch eSports events that you can participate in or visit as a spectator. These events could either be organised by BLE or by partners that meet the high standard that is set by BLE.

eSports is growing rapidly in size and regard especially abroad, yet the Dutch eSports scene is small and fragmented. There are not a lot of big (international) tournaments nor is there a lot of honour to be gained by Dutch people in eSports. BLE will change this by utilising the media-power, community, the network of sponsors and the experience of our parent company Blammo. Because of this we will be able to organise tournaments throughout the year and offer the Netherlands high quality eSports events.

About the partners of Black Label eSports

BLE is not meant to compete with other eSports events. It is meant as a platform and a label that can help organizations and events, but only if they meet our quality standards. By linking BLE events to our partners we will be able to give the Netherlands the amount of eSports events it deserves.

To become a partner of BLE and put your events on the agenda of BLE we especially look at the trustworthiness of the organization. Things such as the quality of the website, the history of the organization and how your organization handles prize money and other financial matters are of the utmost importance.

Yes, that is possible. If you think you meet the requirements to become a partner of BLE, you can fill out this contact form. We will asses if your event(s) / organization meets our quality requirements. If this is the case we will add your event(s) to the agenda and we will also see if we can enrich the event by combining it with one of BLE’s events or with an event of one of our partners.