DSCL announces the Crafting Stars Series

21 February 2016

The Dutch StarCraft League is proud to present the Crafting Stars Series! Starting on Monday February 29th 2016, we will be hosting a two-tiered Legacy of the Void tournament every two weeks. That’s right: plenty of friendly competition to hone your skills!

These are the basics:

  • Two separate brackets: one for Bronze-to-Platinum players, and one for Diamond-to-Grandmaster.
  • Every two weeks on Monday, starting at 19h.
  • Only Dutch-speaking players allowed in the tournament.
  • Participation is free.

Our aim for the series is to create a recurring fun event for the Dutch StarCraft community, in which players from all leagues can be involved. We’ll be streaming games from the series on Twitch.tv/DSCLeague (commentary in English), so tune in to see the new Dutch stars of StarCraft being crafted!

And what’s more: we’ll be keeping score! Every time you play in the Crafting Stars Series you earn points for the Crafting Stars Series Ranking. The top players from the ranking will receive a seed for the DSCL Open which will be held later this year.  Points can be earned both in the Bronze-to-Platinum tier and the Diamond-to-Grandmaster tier (the higher tier rewards more points).

Want to play? Then make sure to read the rules and sign up on BinaryBeast. Here are the links to the upcoming editions: