Black Label eSports will boost eSports in the Netherlands

02 July 2015

Today Blammo launched the eSports label ‘Black Label eSports’ (BLE). The goal of BLE is to give eSports in the Netherlands a big boost by supporting existing eSports-organisations with connections, facilities, media coverage and expertise which Blammo has built up over the past fifteen years. Blammo will also produce eSports tournaments and events under the label’s name, the first one will be Black Label eSports Masters. With a prize pool of tens of thousands of euros, the Black Label eSports Masters will take place at Firstlook Festival in October.

Rowan Stroo, Manager Events at Blammo sees the establishment of Black Label eSports (BLE) as an important step to further professionalize eSports in The Netherlands. “The demand for  gaming competitions is high. Our country already has a lot of enthusiastic eSports-organisations, but we still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to making clear which tournaments and competitions are available. With BLE, we want to take eSports in the Netherlands to a higher level. We also have the ambition to make a connection with the rest of Europe. We can only do this if we combine all our strengths.”

Black Label eSports is going to support eSports-organisations in three different ways. The label promotes the events of partners and will host new events together with these partners as well. Besides this, BLE will organise its own events with large prize pools and on big locations where the finalists or winners of partner-organisations will compete against each other.

At the moment familiar organisations such as Dutch Starcraft League, DUH-Events, DutchNoobz and M&A Live Gaming have partnered with BLE. Looking at the amount of applications that came in before the announcement, the number of partners will quickly increase and the calendar will fill up rapidly.

On the website gamers can, in a clear way, find all information about tournaments and competitions of BLE or one of its partners, register for one of these events or watch a livestream of one of the competitions.