Black Label eSports partners with Avalon and TekkenZone

16 July 2015

Black Label eSports is proud to announce that Avalon and Tekkenzone have joined Black Label eSports as partners! From now on you will be able to find their events on our agenda!

About Avalon:
The Dutch competitive Smash Bros. community strives to provide tournaments and spread content related to the Smash Bros. franchise. Avalon is the premier Dutch tournament series since 2013.

Avalon’s first upcoming event will be Avalon X on September 5th!

About TekkenZone:
TekkenZone is the digital home of the Dutch and Flemish Tekken community. Both casual and hardcore fans are welcome on this unofficial Tekken website. Even though the focus of TekkenZone is the competitive aspects of Tekken, we also pay attention to other aspects such as the storyline. The goal of TekkenZone is to develop a competitive community with sufficient knowledge and with possibilities for meetups with other players within the community.

TekkenZone’s first upcoming event will be the TekkenZone Tag Battle VII and takes place tomorrow!!

About Black Label eSports:
Black Label eSports (BLE) is a platform where you can find quality Dutch eSports events that you can participate in or visit as a spectator. These events could either be organised by BLE or by partners that meet the high standard that is set by BLE.

By utilising the media-power, community, the network of sponsors and the experience of our parent company Blammo, we will be able to organise tournaments throughout the year and offer the Netherlands high quality eSports events.